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Wilderness Skills Equipment Requirements

Instead of requiring you to purchase a large amount of gear just to start training, we approach it differently and spread out your gear requirements over the course of your training, which is much easier for most of us to handle in the cost department.  Besides, it doesn't make sense to purchase a gear item that you won't need for months.  We only require you have gear for the skills you are currently working on.

Over time you will acquire gear and the skills to use it as you move forward in training.  Plus this will allow you to become knowledgeable and gain wisdom in seeing the difference in the gimmicky items out there versus the heirloom items that will work and last beyond your lifetime, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

With that being said, there is still an initial gear list that you will need to get started in your training into wilderness skills:

Training Equipment

  1. - Small Backpack or Haversack to organize and carry the rest of your gear

  2. - Notebook and writing implements 

  3. - Belt Knife

  4. - Folding Saw

  5. - 100ft Paracord

  6. - 100ft Bankline

  7. - Standard BIC Lighter

  8. - Emergency Fire Tinder

  9. - Stormproof Matches

  10. - 5in+ Ferro Rod

  11. - 2in+ Magnifying Lens

  12. - Water bottle (water will be provided)

Personal items 

  1. Clothing/Footwear adequate for the seasonal weather

  2. Food/snacks - dependent on duration and time of stay

  3. Your perscription and over-the-counter medications

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