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Archery Bow

Traditional Archery

This ancestrial skill is a cumulation of dedication, technique, and focus.  For centuries traditional archery has drawn many into it's unexplainable ability to give us a sense of peace while at the same time driving us forward in an attempt to achieve mastery.  A great mentality for all areas of life.

$150 for 3 sessions.   Sessions are 2-hrs long and are held with other students on Sundays from 1-3pm EST at Ranger's Ridge venue in Lorraine, NY.  See Event Calendar for exact training dates.

Bring your own equipment.   Students are expected to bring equipment that is functional for both performance and safety.  Here is the gear Packing List that all students are required to bring to training.  For beginners, some equipment maybe hard to chose or purchase without the knowledge to do so.  We have a limited supply of gear we can loan beginners while you are at a course for a few sessions, but understand that the expectation is that you will be purchasing your own gear to continue training.  Contact us to see if gear is available.

Ages 14+.  Contact us for younger considerations as maturity and respect are key when handling bows/arrows and participating in any archery event.

Appropriate Physical Condition.  Physical condition can be a limiting factor but accommodations may be available so don't let that stop you from contacting us if this is a concern.

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Teen girl shooting a traditional bow at a buffalo archery target

What will I learn?

We train in the traditional English style which is seen most often when people think of traditional archery, usually bringing into mind stories like Robin Hood and medieval archery tournaments.  This style is focused on distance and accuracy which equates perfectly with target archery and bowhunting.

You will learn traditional longbow/recurve bow use.  Compound bows and horsebows (Mongolian) are different styles and are not currently taught at Ranger's Ridge

How long til I'm Robin Hood?

It's up to you: "How much effort and training are you willing to commit to in order to get there?"  Archery is a perishable skill.  If you're not doing it, you're losing it.  Continuous training to not only gain the skills but keeping them is vital.   Generally we like to see students get a 2 hr training in, at the very least, every other week.  This also implys that you train on your own, in between classes, in what you have been instructed.

two arrows bullseyed in a traditional archery target
Young boy excited at shooting and popping a balloon with is traditional bow

Form, Focus, and Fun

During your training we will hit the 3 major areas of learning traditional archery.

Form - training muscle memory to use proper body mechanics when handling your bow

Focus - learn to properly aquire your target and the accuracy needed to hit it at distance

Fun - letting the arrows fly as we have fun with shooting at moving targets and quirky situations.

Traditional Archery Training

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