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Code of Conduct

In-person Events/Courses/Workshops

  • Students will demonstrate good manners, courtesy, and consideration at all times

  • Students will arrive and be ready to train at the defined starting times, as to not delay the training of others.  Also, students will stay with the group so training can stay on schedule.

  • Students will not interrupt instructors or otherwise distract students from provided content

  • Students will listen to staff instructions and follow them in an appropriate and timely manner

  • Students will actively participate in the course activities when required.

  • Students will abide by and understand that there will be no tolerance for abuse, the use of derogatory remarks, personal insults, threats or any form of discrimination

  • Students will not promote their own business without prior approval by the Ranger's Ridge Staff

  • Students will not take pictures or video in a way that transfers the course curriculum to non-students.  Pictures and video to capture your unique experience and accomplishments are encouraged.

  • Students will not bring or partake in recreational drugs or alcohol while at a Ranger's Ridge course.


If a student violates one or more of these conditions from the Code of Conduct, then it will be at the discretion of the Ranger's Ridge Staff to dismiss them immediately from the course (without compensation) for the benefit of the other students.

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