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Instructor Dan Edmonds

Dan Edmonds

Lead Survival Instructor

Founder of Ranger’s Ridge

Creator of the TODAY I WILL system.

Growing up at the edge of the Adirondack Mountains, Dan was always into outdoor adventures.  HIs father instilled many skills in him over the years,  which at the time seemed like hobbies to Dan and of little use outside the so-called "real world" he was taught in public school.  Later he would find out this would be an intricate part of the very thing that helps people the most.

Dan is a wilderness skills instructor, traditional archery instructor, self-defense instructor, homesteader, rancher, as well as a  mental health coach specializing in stress management and life purpose coaching.

He also trains in supporting hobbies like wood carving, foraging, herbal medicine, and likes playing ocarina and guitar.

All this is encompassed and strengthened by his Christian faith as he continuously devotes time to biblical scholarship and foundational truths of scripture, and like many of us, does his best to live the truths he finds in God's word.  

With all that,  its no surprise Dan's passion is to learn & teach.  And it excelerated even more when he and his wife began homeschooling their 6 kids (soon to be 7).   Dan found that the skills they needed in life weren't being taught at school, on the playground, or even at most modern churches.  The same old failing world systems  were just rebranded and repeated as they always have been.  Dan knew it was his responsiblity to make sure their children weren't just thrown to the world like so many others do-----with that, the TODAY I WILL System was born.


"I'll learn and train until I die.  There is too much that was lost for us not to search for it.  If only I can bring back some of that knowledge and train people in the skills God intended.  Wouldn't that be something!" - Dan Edmonds

Life Coach Certificate
Health Coach Certificate
Life Purpose Certificate
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