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Bedrock Survival Skills

Water collection from natural water source

The ability to use wilderness resources is what has allowed humans to survive through the ages.  Now in our modern world these skills are untaught, lost, and even scoffed at.  Yet, whenever hardship rears it's ugly head people run in droves to the ones with the skills to identify, procure, and process the very resources we have had available from the very beginning.

Wilderness Skills Bedrock Training.  Your initial training into wilderness skills is broken down into 4 skill topics that will need to be taken in this order:  Survival Mentalities, ToolCraft, KnotCraft, and FireCraft.  You will need to complete all of these before you will be invited to a PROVING (a testing of your skills).  Upon passing a PROVING you will have completed the Bedrock Survival Skills program and will be eligible for more advanced survival skills training from Ranger's Ridge.

$60 a session.   Sessions are 4-hrs long and are held with other students on Saturdays throughout the training season (May-October) at Ranger's Ridge venue in Lorraine, NY.  There is a morning session (8am-Noon EST)  and an afternoon session (1pm-5pm).  Each session has a specific topic to cover so pay attention to the schedule to be sure you are choosing the training you want.  See Event Calendar to plan out your training and don't forget to check out our Training Packages to receive a bulk discount.

Equipment  is NOT Provided.   Students are responsible for bringing the required gear to a course so that they can get the full experience from the training and not hold up the rest of the class.  Understand that you are responsible for the function and safety of any equipment you bring to a course.  See the Packing List for each session.

Ages 14+.  Contact us for younger considerations as maturity and respect are key when handling gear, such as, cutting tools and fire ignition devices.

Appropriate Physical Condition.  Physical condition can be a limiting factor but accommodations may be available so don't let that stop you from asking our staff if this training is for you.  Contact us if this is a concern.

Or continue reading below to learn more...

Heating up drink on campfire

Let's start at the beginning...

Some students have had some experience in the woods, having gone camping with the family or even been in a scout group when they were younger.  Other students have never even slept outside before and are new to the game.  We are all in it together.

We  start you off with our Survival Mentalities class to establish the mental approach you will need, not only in the wilderness, but at your homes as well.  Then you will move onto ToolCraft to become familar with the tools of the trade and the techniques to use them.  Finally we will work on FireCraft and KnotCraft to round out your skills foundation.

Bedrock Proving (3 days)

Once the Instructors feel you have mastered the first set of skills in Survival Mentalities, ToolCraft, FireCraft, and KnotCraft, you will be invited to your first proving.  A 3-day scenario to "prove" you own those skills and answering the question: "Can you take care of your basic needs if you were stuck 3 days in the wilderness with limited gear?"


A proving isn't just about testing the skills you have already learned.  During your proving, we will be right beside you teaching advanced skills such as ShelterCraft and WaterCraft, and other vital areas of knowledge.

 We will schedule this proving as the need arises and we have students who have met the requirements.

Bushcraft camp, shelter, firepit, cowboy hat
Winter wilderness with cold weather clothes, bucksaw, axe, haversack, waterbottle carrier

Adventure Provings

As you show your skills progressing , you may be invited by instructors to additional provings to gain more advanced teachings.  Provings such as:

White Wolf

A winter skills training with skills such as advanced cold weather shelters, deep snow travel, efficient water processing, and more.


A knife only course where all your other gear is removed. The wilderness, your skills and your knife are all you will have to meet your needs.

Bedrock Wilderness Skills

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