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2024 Trainings Available


Wilderness Skills

The ability to use God's creation is what has allowed humans to survive through the ages.  Now in our modern world these skills are untaught, lost, and even scoffed at.  Yet, whenever hardship rears it's ugly head people run in droves to the ones with the skills to identify, procure, and process the very resources God has provided to us from the beginning.


Location: Ranger's Ridge (Lorraine, NY venue) 

Instructor: Dan Edmonds - Lead Survival Instructor

Content: No Knowledge to Provings (Challenges)

When: Alternating Wednesdays, 9AM-7PM

Cost: $50/day (Pre-season early bird discounts available)

Ages: 14+ years old (contact us for younger considerations)

Equipment Required: Click equipment for more info...

Archery Bow

Traditional Archery

This ancestrial skill is a cumulation of dedication, technique, and focus.  For centuries traditional archery has drawn many into it's unexplainable ability to give us a sense of peace while at the same time driving us forward in an attempt to achieve mastery.  A great mentality for all areas of life.

Location: Ranger's Ridge (Lorraine, NY venue) 

Instructor: Dan Edmonds - Lead Survival Instructor

Content: English Style Longbow/Recurve bow

When: Alternating Wednesdays, 9AM-7PM

Cost: $50/day (Pre-season early bird discounts available)

Ages: 14+ years old (contact us for younger considerations)

Equipment Required: Click equipment for more info...

Judo Fight

Self-Defense Course

Wouldn't be great if we could just live our lives taking care of ourselves with no interference from anyone?  Reality shows us daily this is not the case.  It boils down to one factor......people.

Learning self-defense isn't just for physical confrontations even though that is a large part of it.  It is also for dealing with your loved ones and those around you on a daily basis.  It's for cleaning up your body language and verbal responses to the bullies in your life.  And it's having the ability to control the amount of response you give when it does slip over into a physical engagement.  It's about becoming someone that can masterfully handle and then de-escalate situations instead of being the one that makes them worse.

Image by Joshua Jamias

Our 5 LEVEL Self-Defense will be offered at Ranger's Ridge soon.  Sign-up here to stay updated for when it comes available.

For those looking to get a head start on their self-defense skills, please check out our affiliate Martial Arts School below...

If you are interested in hosting our Self-defense Course at your church or other location, please contact us.


Christian Warrior Course

We don't only battle against the environment and the people around us.  Sometimes (most of the time) we are our greatest enemy.  Because of this we need to accept training from God to help us navigate through the chaos, frustration, and damaging paths our own lusts want to take us.  Through his Son, Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit he laid out a path of success that history has never been able to destroy.  The path of a true warrior.


Location: Ranger's Ridge (Lorraine, NY venue) and Home/Church hosting

Instructor: Dan Edmonds - Lead Survival Instructor

Content: Biblical Foundations + Discipleship

When: Contact us to schedule 

Cost: Absolutely FREE 

Ages: 14+ years old (contact us for younger considerations)


Monthly Membership Packages

Image by Elijah Hiett

Wilderness Skills & Traditional Archery

Extreme Ranger Package

Serious students can attend both the Wilderness Skills and Traditional Archery trainings at the monthly membership cost when choosing this package.  These trainings alternate with each other every Wednesday.  Look at the individual training descriptions for more information.


Individual non-member cost for these trainings is $200-$250/month

Membership Package Cost: $150/month

Don't forget, you also get access to the Christian Warrior Course absolutely FREE!

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a member

Special  Trainings


Group Training

If you have a group of individuals that would like to train together, we can make it happen.  We tailor classes to fit the unique characteristics of your group and provide it during a time that's seperate for our other students so your group can get priority attention by our instructors.

We can setup trainings for most groups, such as:

Business retreats

Homeschool co-ops/groups

Church groups (youth and adult)

Scouts (Boys/Girls)

Large Familes/Friends that just want to train together

Send all requests and inquiries for group training to


Private Training

This is for individuals that want direct attention and training on moving their skills forward as fast as possible.  This training can be complexed and expensive, but the reward comes quickly when an instructor can give you his undivided attention.  The legistics of such a training can be immense, so contact us to start getting the conversation going.  Many private trainings happen at the students own property as they request to learn to use their own land and resources with an experienced guide there with them.  Having said that, private trainings can still be held at a Ranger's Ridge venue if resources or land is lacking for the student.

Send all requests and inquiries for private training to

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