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You just made a powerful first step...

The courses provided at Ranger's Ridge are high-level mental and physical survival training, we specialize in training the average joe, the house-wife, the new parents, and the distracted child.

Our range of courses cover many areas such as homestead training to build a life of self-reliance in taking care of your needs.  Wilderness skills and bushcraft training to handle times in the wilderness away from the homestead.  We also provide threat management training such as  multi-level mental and physical self-defense training to handle aggressive situations and  navigation and signaling classes to make sure you can get back home.    And don't forget the fun and exhilaration of our traditional archery program to get you hitting bullseyes in more ways than one.

Students become part of the Ranger's Ridge tribe and become surrounded with others who pursue this "true grit" to handle the hard stuff life throws at them.  You will never be the same again, you will never be alone again, and that's a good thing.  You know something needs to change.  So we welcome you here.


- Ranger's Ridge Staff 

Read below to see some student's experiences with our instructors...

As a woman, it can be a bit intimidating to sign up for a survival course or bushcraft course, which is typically a male-dominated scene.  Dan is the kind of instructor who makes this a non-issue for me. He treats his students with respect and shows great patience and mastery of the skills he teaches.  He is very encouraging and has a great way of demonstrating skills in a way that is easy to understand.  I hope that more women feel encouraged to sign up for Dan's classes and grow to love this pastime as much as I do!

Becky N. - NH

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