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Archery Bow

Group & Private Training

Traditional Archery

This ancestrial skill is a cumulation of dedication, technique, and focus.  For centuries traditional archery has drawn many into it's unexplainable ability to give us a sense of peace while at the same time driving us forward in an attempt to achieve mastery.  A great mentality for all areas of life.

Who can train?

Essentially, this is for everyone that has an interest in learning.  We have trained young children and students all the way  up through the ages.  Physical condition is a factor but accommendations may be available so don't let that stop you from giving it a shot.

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Where is the training held?

Traditional archery classes are  generally given in the field and  onsite at Ranger's Ridge


In some cases trainings can be held at the students location of choice, taking into consideration the following:

- Safety of location for training

- Adequate size of location for amount of students

- Instructor(s) costs of travel, lodging, and gear transportation.

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How long til I'm Robin Hood?

It's up to you: "How much effort and training are you willing to commit to in order to get there?"  Archery is a parishable skill.  If you're not doing it, you're losing it.  Continuous training to not only gain the skills but keeping them is vital.  We also know that people's schedules don't always allow constant training.  With both these in mind we will work with you setup training that works for both instructors and students.  Generally we like to see students get a 2 hr training every week or at the very least, every other week.

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Archery Class

Group Training $

If you have a group of individuals that want to learn along side you, then the group training will save you some money while still getting in some great instruction.   The base cost of the class can be spread across those who attend, so the more the merrier.  Group training is an upfront, per month cost for everyone attending.

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Private Training $$

Training for the serious archer.  With the vast diversity of individuals requesting this training we have decided to give you the option to take this as a private training that can be tailored to your individual  skill level and time restraints, as well as your equipment quality and availability.  Private training is an upfront, per month cost.

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Mother & Child Shooting Arrows
Archery Arrows

Traditional Archery Training

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