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Bedrock Survival Mentalities


How do you handle hard things?  Do you have the mental approach that brings you through with success, or is every hardship just another step down into the abyss of a miserable life.  Or maybe you have just relied on others so much that now you don't know what to do when they aren't there to do it for you.  Throughout history, focusing on the basics, and the skills to take care of them, has allowed humans to survive through devastating ordeals.  Unfortunately in our current culture, these skills are hidden, lost, and even scoffed at.  Yet, whenever hardship rears it's ugly head people run in droves to the one with the training and mental skills to help them through. 


Let that someone be you...

Course Cost $40/person The course is 4-hrs long and is held with other students at various dates and locations throughout the training season (May-October).  See Event Calendar to plan out your training date.  For those that want to save more in the long run, don't forget to check out the Bedrock Survival Skills Package to receive a discount when you bundle your Bedrock trainings all together.


Part of the Bedrock Survival Skills Program.  This is one of four courses that will need to be taken to complete the Bedrock Survival Skills Program.  The Bedrock Survival Mentalities course has no prerequisites and is intended to layout the foundation of your survival training journey. 

Minimal Equipment needed.   The Bedrock Survival Mentalities course is purely academic and is taught in a classroom style (unlike the other courses in the program which are mostly hands on).  Because of the classroom nature of this course, the packing list is minimal.  Students are responsible for bringing the required gear to a course so that they can get the full experience from the training and not hold up the rest of the class.  See the Packing List for what you're expected to bring.

Ages 12+.  Contact us for younger considerations as maturity and respect are key when being in a 4-hr academic course.

Required Physical Condition.  Physical condition is really only a factor if you choose to take the Bedrock Survival Mentalities course at our "in the field" forest classroom @ Ranger's Ridge.  There you will need to be able to hike up/down hills and uneven ground, and is simple for most, but contact us if this is a concern.  All other locations are hosted indoors, so if you can get from your car into the grocery store and back, you will be good to go when you pick an indoor course.

Or continue reading below to learn more...


What will I learn...

The Bedrock Survival Mentalities course starts you off by challenging you to establish an efficient mental approach to taking care of yourself.  This course doesn't just apply to those who have jobs or recreate in the wilderness.   The need for this mindset change applys to everyone who exists on our planet. Whether you spend your time sitting on a log watching the sunset or are on the couch at home binge watching the next streaming TV sensation, your needs are the same and you need to take control of taking care of them if you want to survive everything life will throw at you.

Basic Needs

During the Bedrock Survival Mentalities course your instructor(s) will walk you through a systematic approach to handling your basic needs on a daily basis.

We will discuss topics, such as:

- What is survival?

- Errors within the popular "Survival Rule of 3's"

- What your basic needs really are

- Outsourcing vs. Learning Skills

- Re-supply lines

- Inheritance - helping your children survive

- Thorough breakdown of TODAY Moments from the TODAY I WILL life system and how to live them daily.

We knew that rain could come during this hiking, but not that much of rain ! It was realll

The Next Step...

After this course you will have a strong mental foundation and a life survival template to pursue.  But where do you go from there....

It's time to start filling in that template with skills and the Bedrock Survival Skills Program does just that.  Continue your journey by completing the following 3 courses: Bedrock ToolCraft, Bedrock KnotCraft, and Bedrock FireCraft.  These 3 areas of skill are used across the board to meet our basic needs and are an excellent starting point for anyone.

Once you have successfully completed all 4 Bedrock courses, our staff will invite you to a PROVING to test your skills in a fun 3-day adventure with other students where you will learn deeper skills like building shelters, finding and processing water, and forging for food and medicines. 


Upon completion of your PROVING you will be eligible for advanced training at Ranger's Ridge. 

This is just the beginning...

Bedrock Survival Mentalities

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