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Archery Bow

Robin Hood Program

Beginner Traditional Archery


This ancestrial skill is a cumulation of dedication, technique, and focus.  For centuries traditional archery has drawn many into it's unexplainable ability to give us a sense of peace while at the same time driving us forward in an attempt to achieve mastery.  A great mental approach for all students of the art.

$100/beginner student.   The Robin Hood program is the beginner level archery training program at Ranger's Ridge and is given at our venue in Lorraine, NY.  No pre-requisite training is required.


Ages 12+.  This program is for kids and adults alike who want to get into the joy of traditional archery.  Contact us for younger considerations as maturity and respect are key when handling bows/arrows and participating in any archery event.   

3-stages of training. The Robin Hood program is given in 3 separate stages over the course of your purchased month with an additional OPEN RANGE day to have fun and test all your new found skills with fellow students and instructors.

Stage 1 Class - 1st Sunday of month - 12pm-2pm EST

Stage 2 Class - 2nd Sunday of month - 1pm-2pm EST

Stage 3 Class - 3rd Sunday of month - 1pm-2pm EST

OPEN RANGE - 4th Sunday of month - 1pm-4pm EST


Equipment requirements.   It is the students responsibility to bring equipment that is functional for both performance and safety of themselves and other students.   Here is the gear Packing List that all students are required to have to train successfully.


For beginners, some equipment maybe hard to chose or purchase without the knowledge to do so.  Ranger's Ridge currently has a limited supply of gear we can loan beginners while you figure it out, but understand that the expectation is that you will be purchasing your own gear to continue training.  Contact us to see if you can reserve the gear you need prior to attending the class. 

Required Physical Condition.  Students will need to be in generally good physical shape to perform the requirements of this program.  Students will be hiking through forest terrain with uneven ground and slopes, and are expected to string and draw a bow multiple times to perform skills.  Contact us if you believe your physical condition maybe a concern and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Or continue reading below to learn more...


What will I learn?

We train instinctive shooting (no sights) in the traditional English style which is seen most often when people think of traditional archery, usually bringing into mind stories like Robin Hood and medieval archery tournaments.  This style is focused on distance and accuracy which equates perfectly with target archery and bowhunting.

You will learn traditional longbow/recurve bow use.  Compound bows, horsebows, and asian varients are different styles and are not currently taught at Ranger's Ridge

How long til I'm Robin Hood?

It's up to you: "How much effort and training are you willing to commit to in order to get there?"   We can give you the instruction, but expectation is that you train on your own as well, in between classes, in what you have been instructed so you can be prepared to move to the next stage.

Also, take note that once you "wear yourself out" be sure to stop and rest.  Practicing while you are tired not only develops bad habits but is unsafe to you and those around you.

Young boy excited at shooting and popping a balloon with is traditional bow

Form, Focus, and Fun

During your training we will hit the 4 major areas of learning traditional archery.

Foundations - become familiar with your bow, arrows, and the assessories that go along with the art.

Form - training muscle memory to use proper body mechanics when handling your bow

Focus - learn to properly aquire your target and the accuracy needed to hit it at distance

Fun - letting the arrows fly as we test out our skills in challenging games and quirky situations

Traditional Archery Training

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