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DATE: Spring 2024

TIME: unscheduled




This is one of the three basic skills courses (along with FireCraft & KnotCraft) and is required to qualify for the Ranger's Ridge Bedrock Patch.


In this course students will pursue basic skills on using saw, hatchet, knife, and hook knife.  Then these skills will be applied as they take wood from the landscape, process it, and carve a functional spoon that they will take home with them.  


Expect to learn:

  • Cutting tool safety
  • Folding Saw techniques
  • Hatchet techniques
  • Knife Grip Types & Techniques
  • Hook Knife Grip Types &Techniques
  • Bucking & Splitting
  • Forming of the wood for your spoon
  • Symmetry & Geometry approaches to carving
  • Additonal skills that can be applied to making multiple types of tools and utensils
  • How to preserve the tools you make


Students will bring a packed lunch as the course overlaps lunchtime.  They will be given an hour to eat and enjoy the landscape.


It is highly recommended that inexperienced or younger students bring and wear cutting gloves for this course (Recommendation)


The required Tool Kit for this course contains the following:


The recommendations are not required and if you have something similar bring it.  Students are responsible for having appropriate, functional, and safe tools for the course.


Tool Kit Rental - If you don't have/or can't purchase these tools at this time, the Tool Kit for this course can be rented from Ranger's Ridge for an additonal cost of $20 .  The tool kit will be returned to Ranger's Ridge staff at the end of the course.


More specific information on location and what to bring will be sent to the student upon purchase.

ToolCraft Carving Course - Spring 2024

Fully Booked
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