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This includes all 4 Sessions (Survival Mentalities, ToolCraft, KnotCraft, FireCraft) of the Bedrock Survival Skills program.


Each training session is 2-4hrs long and maybe held at various locations throughout the training season (May-October).


All 4 training sessions will need to be attended to before being invited to your PROVING and completing the program. 


Please see our Event Calendar ahead of time to know which sessions you would like to attend and let us know ( so that we can be prepared for your arrival.


Your purchased sessions can be redeemed for any training session during the 2024 training season. You don't have to take all 4 trainings in a row, the built-in flexibility is to keep you from losing a session due to weather or unforeseen circumstance.  You keep the sessions purchased until you attend a course.


Please see individual descriptions of each course and their gear requirements before purchasing.


Bedrock Survival Mentalities

Bedrock ToolCraft

Bedrock KnotCraft

Bedrock FireCraft


Bedrock Survival Skills Package

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