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DATE: Spring 2024

TIME: unscheduled




It sounds odd to have a workshop on how to walk, but the fact is, that the techniques we were taught and the footware we purchase, are having a bigger negative impact on our lives than most of us realize. In this course students will learn that the walking biomechanics God created us with in the first place are one of the major keys to having a mobile and active lifestyle. It doesn't take a gym, or workout video to gain the most benefit physically. It takes us all just learning to walk.


Our primary instructor, Dan Edmonds, is bringing his coaching experience in track and cross-country and combining it with findings on how our legs and feet were formed to work. The way God created our bodies is amazing and this course will reveal that.


Expect to Learn:

Some history on how various groups used their walking ability to succeed

How modern footwear and incorrect technique has destroyed our bodies

Correct walking technique and practice

Connect with other students in the Ranger's Ridge tribe for a fun experience in the woods



Students are expected to arrive in positive functional health that will enable them to walk short distances during the workshop to apply the learned techniques. Contact us if you have concerns.


This is a short 2-hour workshop and will give the students some insight into a movement we do everyday. The benefits can be seen in just a couple days and only grow from there.


No special gear or kits are needed for this course. More specific information on location and what to bring will be sent to the student upon purchase.

Barefoot Walking Workshop - Spring 2024

Fully Booked
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