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Group & Private Training

Biblical Studies

Whether you have been practicing the Christian faith for years or you have just begun your journey, training in discipleship is essential.  We specialize in training Christians to understand the foundations and principles of their belief so they not only can handle the ups and downs in life, but will also know how they can help those around them survive this world and the chaos in it.


Who can train?

This is for everyone including believers, unbelievers, those who attend church and those who don't, all denominations and religions, as well as those who are genuially just curious.  Ages that can attend are only limited by the learning ability and maturity of the child (and some adults).  We generally recommend ages 12 and up to be able to understand and retain the information given.

Send questions and requests for training to


Where is the training held?

Weather permitting, Biblical classes are  generally given in the field and  onsite at Ranger's Ridge, usually around a campfire.

If you are a church or home that would like to offer to host a training please contact us.   Please take into consideration the following:

- Safety of location for training

- Adequate size of location for group size

Send questions and requests for training to

What Do You Teach?

You're apprehensive, and we understand.  With so many false teachings out there we all need to be careful.  We teach straight from the Bible (King James Version) and are here to give information and answer questions.  We are not here to debate or force those who attend into our own belief.  We leave that choice to you, just as God intended.   Besides, that would go against the very things you will learn in this course, as you will see.

Send questions and requests for training to


No Cost Training $

These trainings are the only ones at Ranger's Ridge that are free of charge.  This training is so important for growth that we don't want anything getting in the way of you being able to recieve it.


Please consider the costs of travel, food and lodging of the instructors.

Send questions and requests for training to

Biblical Studies

Send questions and requests for training to

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