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Bedrock ToolCraft


Being able to manipulate and process the many resources our nature gives us is critical to fulfilling our needs.  Tools not only help us do that, they make the jobs easier.  Skilled craftsman know how to use their tools in ways to preserve the tool for long-term use and to prevent fatigue and injury in our own bodies.  All the while producing perfect components and resources for the project they are working on.

Course Cost $80/person The course is 4-hrs long and is held with other students in our outdoor forest classroom at Ranger's Ridge throughout the training season (May-October).  See Event Calendar to plan out your training date.  For those that want to save more in the long run, don't forget to check out the Bedrock Survival Skills Package to receive a discount when you bundle your Bedrock trainings together in one package.


Part of the Bedrock Survival Skills Program.  This is the one of four courses that will need to be taken to complete the Bedrock Survival Skills Program.  The Bedrock ToolCraft course has no pre-requisites and is intended to equip the student with essential skills in the area of ToolCraft.

Equipment needed.   The Bedrock ToolCraft course is largely hands-on and requires specific equipment to train.  Students are responsible for bringing the required gear to a course so that they can get the full experience from the training and not hold up the rest of the class.  See the Packing List for what you're expected to bring.

Ages 12+.  Contact us for younger considerations as maturity and respect are key when handling cutting tools and equipment, especially around other students.

Required Physical Condition.  Students will need to be in generally good physical shape to perform the requirements of this course.  Students will be hiking through forest terrain with uneven ground and slopes to access the classroom and to collect and carry resources.  Students will be expected to kneel and stand back up multiple times to perform skills.  Contact us if you believe your physical condition maybe a concern and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

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The Skill to Create...

The great thing about tools is that we can use them to create a better life for ourselves, given the available resources to do so.  So why wouldn't we want to gain the skills to create whatever we need when we need it?

In this course, you will not only become familiar with how a tool works, but also with the way it feels in the hand.  It should be an extension from our creative thought, down deep in our muscles, tendon, and bone, and finally out through the tool to craft projects that propel our situation forward.

3 Essential Tools

During the Bedrock ToolCraft course your instructor(s) will focus on increasing your skills with 3 essential tools: Belt Knife, Folding Saw, Hatchet.

We will discuss topics, such as:

- Tool Safety and why pros still injure themselves

- Knife Techniques & Tricks

- Folding Saw Techniques & Tricks

- Hatchet Techniques and keeping yourself safe when using this dangerous tool.

- Processing wood for fire and projects

- Reducing hand fatigue with better technique so you can work longer

- Learning to cut clean functional notches for solid projects


The Next Step...

After this course we have no doubt you will have skyrocketed your cutting tool skills and are safer using them as well.

Once you have successfully completed all 4 Bedrock courses, our staff will invite you to a PROVING to test your skills in a fun 3-day adventure with other students.  When you complete your PROVING you will have successfully completed the Bedrock Survival Skills Program at Ranger's Ridge. 

That opens up a whole new level of skills to continue training at Ranger's Ridge and expand your ToolCraft journey by learning to create more intricate projects such as utensils & bowls, shelter advancements, camp comfort items, traps for catching your next meal and much more.  

Let the wood chips fly...

Bedrock ToolCraft

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