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Bedrock KnotCraft


Cordage is a vital asset to our survival supply lines, not to mention the skills to use it correctly and efficiently.  The old adage of "If you can't tie knots, tie lots!"  will deplete you of this essential resource very quickly.  Creating more functional cordage from the landscape is possible, but extremely frustrating for beginners.   Learning to tie knots that function well for their purpose and giving us the ability to retrieve that cordage for other projects will keep this asset functional for many uses.

Course Cost $40/person The course is 2-hrs long and is held with other students at various dates and locations throughout the training season (May-October).  See Event Calendar to plan out your training date.  For those that want to save more in the long run, don't forget to check out the Bedrock Survival Skills Package to receive a discount when you bundle your Bedrock trainings together in one package.

Part of the Bedrock Survival Skills Program.  This is the one of four courses that will need to be taken to complete the Bedrock Survival Skills Program.  The Bedrock KnotCraft course has no pre-requisites and is intended to equip the student with essential skills in the area of KnotCraft.

Equipment needed.   The Bedrock KnotCraft course is largely hands-on and requires specific equipment and resources to train.  Students are responsible for bringing the required gear to a course so that they can get the full experience from the training and not hold up the rest of the class.  See the Packing List for what you're expected to bring.

Ages 12+.  Contact us for younger considerations as maturity and respect are key when being in a skill intensive course.

Required Physical Condition.  Physical condition is really only a factor if you choose to take the Bedrock Survival Mentalities course at our "in the field" forest classroom @ Ranger's Ridge.  There you will need to be able to hike up/down hills and uneven ground to access the classroom, and is simple for most, but contact us if this is a concern.  All other locations are hosted indoors, so if you can get from your car into the grocery store and back, you will be good to go when you pick an indoor course.

Or continue reading below to learn more...

I'm Tied Up in Knots...

How many times have you reached into your pack to grab some cordage only to find a rats nest all tangled and wrapped around your other gear?  

Cordage doesn't have to make us go to a dark place every time we use it.  Instead, we can enjoy using cordage to create projects that elevate your situation.

We want you to be able to walk away from a project knowing it is secure and functional, without you using the entire 100ft roll to make it happen.

Knots that Mean Lots

During the Bedrock ToolCraft course your instructor(s) will focus on increasing your skills with various knots and teach you the correct applications for them.

We will discuss topics, such as:

- Properly cutting cordage and maintaining ends

- Cordage management

- General Knots

- Temporary Knots

- Long-term Knots

- Weight bearing Knots

- When to use minimal cordage


The Next Step...

After this course you should no longer  have issues with "rats nests" either in your pack or on your projects.  Not to mention the cost savings of using your cordage a lot longer than what your previous skills allowed.

Once you have successfully completed all 4 Bedrock courses, our staff will invite you to a PROVING to test your skills in a fun 3-day adventure with other students.  When you complete your PROVING you will have successfully completed the Bedrock Survival Skills Program at Ranger's Ridge. 

That opens up a whole new level of skills to continue training at Ranger's Ridge and expand your KnotCraft journey by learning to manipulate cordage into projects such as nets, containers or even clothing.  Even learning to create cordage from the landscape itself will give you a never ending resource to use the rest of your life.

All it takes is learning the skills, lets get tying...

Bedrock KnotCraft

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